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What do EnteroLab clients say about our service?
•Dear Dr. Fine, I hope you will remember me. I live just outside San Antonio. My good friend e-mailed you about my condition and how sick I was. We had a telephone consult, then you sent me the test kit for Gluten sensitivity. You saved my life. I'm doing really well on a Gluten free diet. Thanks so much!

•Dear Dr. Fine: I wanted to give you an update on my digestion. More good news. You had pointed out that it may take some time for my body to settle down and return to a more normal condition. This has certainly been the case because although my digestion had improved right away after eliminating gluten, I still had bloating every night and my bowel movements were very smelly and of inconsistent firmness. Well, about 14 months after I quit eating gluten my body apparently said, "Ok, we've done enough repairing here, let's fire this thing up and see how she runs." At that point my bloating dropped dramatically. Also, my stools completely changed. They became firm, were easily eliminated and had almost no odor. Also, a shoulder that has been sore for many years has cleared up, as have my occasional bleeding hemorrhoids, a sore knee and even a persistent ringing in my ears that I was experiencing every night when I was in bed. I thought you would find this interesting and could use my story to pass along to others who are skeptical (as I was) about how so many improvements could come from something as simple as eliminating gluten from their diet. You are welcome to use my story as an example of what is possible. I'll keep you posted on further improvements. Thanks a million,

•Dear Dr. Fine, My husband, a family physician, is hoping that your stool tests will replace the less accurate blood tests. (I think your tests pick up gluten sensitivity earlier) Our daughter was totally negative on three sets of blood tests, performed by other labs, which included the two antigliadin tests , the endomysial once and the TTG once and had no IgA deficiency (both labs)--but was positive on your test only. She was also HLA-DQ2 positive. All these tests were done in the last 18 months. I, too, suspected I may be gluten sensitive even though my blood tests were negative because I had low energy, chronic abdominal pain, loose stools, and pain all over my body. I had a complete healing by only omitting gluten from my diet, and now, after 6 months of dieting GF, I have no health complaints. I now have a high energy level (higher than ever in my life) and am now very active at 52, much more than most people my age. Thanks!!!!! Dr. Fine, Medical Pioneer :-)

•Dear Dr. Fine: I thank you very much for all your help with my chronic diarrhea due to microscopic colitis. I followed your instructions, started with gluten free, dairy free, no citrus, no juices diet, and a Maxi-Dophilus supplement on the 25 of January and by Monday the 28 the diarrhea went away, as well as the pain and fatigue. My bowel movements are normal. Once again Dr. Fine Thanks for making me feel better.

•Dear Dr. Fine, My daughter has done very well following the gluten free diet even though she sometimes finds it hard. (She is 10) Her abdominal symptoms weren't bad, but she had some eczema on her fingertips and toes and it is all gone. And she was starting to gain some extra weight, and that is going away too. Thank you for restoring my daughter's health.

•Dear Dr. Fine, I wanted to personally thank you for all that you do to educate and help those out there searching for help as I was. After hearing you speak and personally discussing my daughter's problems with celiac with you and later doing additional food sensitivity testing with EnteroLab, she has greatly improved. She tested sensitive to yeast, egg and casein as well as the gluten and since we have removed them she is definitely better. She no longer requires medicine for reflux since making these dietary changes. Belching, vomiting and stomach pain were also problems before, and these too are completely resolved. Thanks for helping us to find the path to good health!! Had I not kept searching for the answers I was looking for and stumbled upon you, it is sad and really a pity to think of where we would be now! I really wish that all doctors would take a more holistic approach as you do because I really feel that it is unjust the way that most food sensitive people are treated by traditional doctors who will always medicate and not educate people about food sensitivity. Thanks again for all that you do!

•Dear Dr. Fine, I thought you would like to hear how my 17 year-old daughter with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is responding to a gluten free diet (also dairy and egg white free) . I did a telephone consult with you followed by EnteroLab testing. As you predicted, she began to respond after 3-4 weeks with less joint stiffness, better energy levels, and improved color. She does continue to feel better and we have been able to wiggle her nearly off of the NSAID that she had required before. Her weight has dropped about 4-5 pounds (129 to 124) and she seems to have normal appetite and bowel movements. We both appreciate your help! Thank you.

• Dr. Fine, I owe you so much for your link to microscopic colitis. I would not have found out that my 8 year old daughter, 2 year old son, husband and 70 year old mother-in-law had gluten sensitivity if it were not for you. When my 7 year old was diagnosed with MC, I found your site. We all tested with you and found your tests to closely correspond with blood tests. We are all GF and sooo healthy now. My mother-in-law has been well for the first time in her life. Her interstitial cystitis, GI problems and a host of other problems are disappearing. I have since become her favorite daughter-in-law (just kidding). My daughter, I believe, also was getting some pulmonary fibrosis and now she no longer gasps for air in between breaths and doesn't finish dead last in the mile run. She is normal and healthy. She hasn't complained of a stomachache in ages. Our lives can get back to normal for the first time in years. I was beginning to think that I was a terrible mother and should have never had kids. My mother-in-law used to tell me the same thing. She had 4 boys and never thought she was a good mother. Thank you thank you thank you. I praise your work! You are saving lives and marriages!

•Dr. Fine: Your tests showed that I have gluten sensitivity; blood tests by my Gastro doctor were normal. However, I am responding well to GF diet. This is great news and I wanted to share it with you. Thanks,

•Dr. Fine, I was diagnosed with collagenous colitis last January. Recently I e-mailed you wondering if my wheat allergy had reared it's ugly head!! You stated once a person has gluten sensitivity, it's always there. Dr. Fine, I have taken it upon myself to try the gluten free diet, and I feel GREAT!! I have been on it for about 3 weeks and have had no diarrhea at all. I also take one lactobacillus tablet a day. What wonderful products there are out there substituting for wheat. My appetite is back, too. You have a wonderful website which is so helpful and supportive. Thanks again.

•Dear Dr. Fine, After several years of progressively worse symptoms, including severe and constant diarrhea, anemia, fatigue, stress, mitral valve prolapse, etc., and being convinced myself that it had to be a recurrence of colon cancer, I was found to have microscopic colitis. Then I found my way to your web site, ordered the full testing, and early in May had the report of gluten sensitivity with two predisposing genes. I promptly went gluten-free. Without the proof from that test I would not have had the required will-power. Six weeks later, at age 71, I'm the healthiest I've ever been in my life, for which I'm especially grateful, because I have years of hard but wonderful work ahead of me in my business. I will try to show my appreciation by spreading the word about your work. Thank you.

•Dear Dr. Fine and Colleagues: We ordered testing for gluten and casein sensitivity, as well as genetic markers, on our whole family last May. I had already gone gluten and casein free and experienced relief from my migraines and fatigue (along with other symptoms), so I was not surprised to get the results of my tests showing that I had antibodies to both categories of proteins, as well as the HLA DQ2 marker for celiac disease. But my family members were not convinced there was anything "wrong" with any of them, and they were skeptical of their positive test results. Nonetheless, we began a gluten free/casein free diet for the whole family in June. As you would guess, we have seen wonderful results for everyone. And now, several months, a few "trials", and a few "accidents" later, my family is convinced that gluten and/or casein was the underlying cause of many travails--from fatigue to learning disabilities--and they are dedicated to the GF/CF diet. If I had had to work through the traditional mechanism of the medical establishment, I would probably not have succeeded in even getting anyone tested, as our problems were not really "significant" in a clinical sense. Thank you so much for the work you do, and for making your services available directly to the people who need them! Our quality of life is so much enhanced because of you! Many thanks and blessings to all of you,

•Hi there, Dr. Fine! Just keeping in touch. I hope all is well with you and the lab. I wanted to let you know that, I am doing beautifully. After much trial and error, I have determined that I am intolerant to gluten, all dairy, yeast, and soy. It appears that the best way of eating for me is the Paleolithic diet, although I eat very little animal flesh by choice. A major factor for me was cutting out all sugar except for some occasional honey. I think I remember you saying early on that it was important not to feed the "bad" bacteria in the gut, and I have found this to be quite true. I have also found that I have much more energy and absolutely NEVER feel hungry with all sugar (disaccharidases) eliminated. My major protein sources are now nuts/seeds. (I am beginning to think that the food pyramid should be turned upside down!) The calories don't seem to be a problem (I weigh less on this diet) and I have no other symptoms from eating nuts. I am hearing that as more people with microscopic colitis go GF and consider other intolerances as well, they are improving immensely. It is fun to see the improvement, especially after their docs have told them that the diet won't make any difference! Keep up the good work and research. You are a great help to us all.

•Dr. Fine, Thank you for your wonderful work. I am very fortunate to have a doctor who fully recognizes your work. She has helped guide me into much better health and she used your tests to do this. I was diagnosed as being gluten-sensitive because of the gene tests, but not celiac. Since I have become gluten-free (to the best of my ability) I have regained my health. I thought I had celiac disease because of the research I did on the internet. I changed my diet because I was desperate. That was at least three years ago. Your innovativeness is a blessing for all of us.

•Hello Dr. Fine. My family recently had tests done by Enterolab and we all came back positive for gluten and casein sensitivity. I understand the importance of remaining gluten free. I thank you so much for allowing the public to take advantage of your testing procedure. I tested negative for celiac and my son was borderline (so the doctors said). Since your test, we are all gluten free and feeling amazing. My younger son was having a speech delay and was being observed for possible autistic spectrum disorder. Since this diet, he is like a new kid. We are truly grateful!

•Dr. Fine, Thank you for your lab and research. I want you to publish your paper so that the medical community will realize that the current methods of blood testing and biopsies of the intestine do not always catch everyone with sickness caused by gluten. Without your lab and help, I do not know where I would be today. My health has improved dramatically. It takes strict adherence to the diet to maintain health. I do not want others to experience any of the problems I have over the years. It only takes a diet to maintain health.

•Dear Dr. Fine, It's funny how someone you don't know can affect your life (even more importantly, your child's life). Through your work, you changed our lives dramatically. Our daughter is a different child today from two years ago. Had you not told us what was wrong, and we had listened to the other doctors, she would still be in bed (or in the bathroom!) Instead, she's off at drama camp, having a wonderful time. (She has gained 15 pounds since last October!) So on those days when you are feeling low, remember that what you do is REALLY important to a lot of folks."

•Dear Dr. Fine, Can't remember if I let you know my status since testing. Celiac Sprue runs in family. Although my blood work and biopsy were negative, the stool test recommended by the Institute was positive. I went gluten-free Jan. 4 2001. Diarrhea is gone, intense rectal itching gone, hand joint pain gone, and miracle of miracles, migraines almost gone (a thunderstorm will still do me in.) I am now getting constant comments about how great I look- amazing how gnawing head and tummy pain had taken their toll on me. So now am ordering stool tests for my two sons, age 11 and 14. One son, 11, has asthma, fatigue, dental hyperplasia, and when he eats wheat he gets bulky hard stools that cannot flush. Then he has bouts of diarrhea- the symptoms are really apparent now that he gets gluten only intermittently since I am cooking GF. My other son, 14, has asthma too, can't eat eggs, and has a fractured L5 that hasn't healed in over one and a half years. So... I am interested in their test results. Thanks for your help.

•Dear Dr. Fine, Thanks to you, our 19 year-old daughter is a new "woman." Our daughter has struggled with asthma throughout her life and has always had to avoid nuts, nut oils, and the like as they literally poison her! What we never guessed was that she was poisoning her system with other everyday food her system simply cannot handle. At your suggestion, our daughter completed one simple test and learned she can end years of horrendous stomach aches, diarrhea, painful gas and bloating, simply by eliminating gluten, cow's and eggs from her diet. Is it challenging to change her eating habits? You bet. Is it worth it to her, in terms of how much better she feels? Without question! We all thank you. Not only because our daughter is feeling better and getting more out of her life but also because we know she'll be healthier down the road.

•Dear Dr. Fine: Tomorrow it will be one month since I have been gluten free. And FREE it is! I feel so much better in so many ways. My stools have been normal the whole time. Even the prednisone did not help there. Oh, it decreased the frequency, but did nothing to completely stop the loose movements. I want to tell you how my life has changed just in the past month. The gas and bloating I experienced after each meal is gone. The pain in my hips has decreased to the point where I am proudly sporting a slight shin splint from over-enthusiastic exercising. The fatigue is gone. I am SLEEPING at night! And best of all, the mood swings have stopped. I attribute all this to being gluten free. I think that for years I have been using my body as a toxic waste dump and now I have stopped. And the diet.....? I am having more fun in the kitchen than I have had in years. I fancy myself to be quite a good cook and I love to do it. I am simply so glad to have had this month of feeling well and energetic and HAPPY. I think the happiness and joy is the greatest gift of all. I now have hope. Thank you so much for helping me with this. You and your organizations have made such a difference in my life.

•Dear Dr. Fine, I did not realize how sick I have been with colitis for the past 20 months until I got well with gluten free diet. In that period , I thought I had some good days, but not even close to how I feel now after gluten free. I was attacked by colitis in 1999. For the first five months, I had a lot of diarrhea, disorientation and dramatic energy depletions. This made it really impossible to hold a steady job. After 2 years of persistent illness, despite my doctors' best efforts, I took the diagnostic tests offered by the Intestinal Health Institute in May, 2001. It showed that I had the gene for gluten sensitivity. In desperation I requested a phone consultation from Dr. Fine. I have never had a doctor before who responded to my message within 2 hours and who said "I will do all I can to help you - let's get you well". He has consistently responded very promptly - hats off to a new medical standard! Because of the gene result, he recommended the gluten free diet, mainly, no wheat, oats, barley or rye. He also took me off protein powder ( get your protein naturally), yeast, tomatoes, beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage. Continue with no dairy, eggs nor alcohol from grains. In addition to a normal diet, he recommended avocado, olive and canola oils, nuts and fruits and Lactobacillus. I had been on a vegan, no added oil, 10% fat diet for three. The gluten free diet is much, much easier and has many more food options than the former. I had this consultation with him on July 2nd. and started on it that same night. By July 4th, my diarrhea was down to once that day and my energy stayed at its early morning level. AND I HAVE NOT HAD A BAD DAY SINCE, six weeks later. My once-a-day stools are firm and formed, my energy is like it was prior to November 1999 and I am ready, no excited, to go back to work and other useful pursuits. My gastroenterologist was astounded at this result. To his credit, he did acknowledge that " I think we underdiagnose for gluten sensitivity". My conclusion is that gluten free seems to be clear treatment, but other refinements to diet should be done with Dr. Fine's guidance.

•Dear Dr. Fine, I was first exposed to the possibility that gluten might be causing my problems a year ago. It was after that that I talked my rheumatologist into running the celiac blood test on me which came back negative. But that experience made me open to the possibility that gluten could have something to do with the microscopic colitis that developed later - and ultimately led me to you. Because of your testing, I am now fully aware of the importance of a gluten free diet for me. Now on the diet, I continue to do wonderfully. The diet is becoming a natural way of life and so is good health. I wish more people could be exposed to your knowledge. Warm regards,

•Dear Dr. Fine: My improvement with your guidance on dietary therapy is triple-fold: less nausea, which I used to have almost daily, less diarrhea, and when I have intestinal urgency, I am able to hold it having fewer accidents. Getting off Estrogen was a big step. Also I eliminate gluten, eggs, dairy products, yeast, tomatoes, potatoes, and next step is beef. I take Lactobacillus on a regular basis but no other meds. I eat several small meals. I feel for the first time that I am starting to get control over the condition. Thanks again!

•Dear Dr. Fine, I asked for advice about my daughters fatigue several weeks ago. You were so helpful. She had your stool test for gluten sensitivity, malabsorption, and milk sensitivity. The tests came back positive for gluten and milk sensitivity, and some malabsorption. She quit eating gluten as soon as she mailed the test off (since I'm celiac her chances of having sprue were high), but noticed no improvement. However, when she got the test results and found she was also milk (specifically casein) sensitive, she quit all dairy products and noticed a change fairly quickly. After only about 1 month of being gluten and dairy free she is feeling soooo much better. There's a sparkle in her eyes again. It's so good to see her finally getting some energy back. Thank you all again.

•Dear Dr. Fine, I wanted to report on my condition since I started my diet. I have seen awesome results. Although some conditions continue to be a problem. I was having a bowel movement 4 to 6 times a day now it has reduced to 1 to 2 times a day. I have seen less intestinal gas as well. I definitely don't feel so bloated. I have had a great improvement in my mental clarity, and my fatigue has improved. That is the progress so far. I thank you for your help.

•Dear Dr. Fine, Thank you so very much for helping my son. My sweet son is enjoying school and an active social life again. And for the first time in quite a while has a hopeful outlook for his future. I swear he lost half his brain to gluten sensitivity, but I think he's found it again! For a while there, my husband & I were wondering if he would someday be on permanent disability or in a mental institution somewhere. That's how bad it looked for him a year ago. He now has the energy & clarity of thought to take charge of his health. He gets up early, cooks his food for the day, packs a lunch & heads off for school or work. It's a miracle, I can't describe it. With sincere appreciation,

•Dear Dr. Fine, I have been following your recommendations on eating since November. I have also included weight training, yoga and cardiovascular exercise in my new lifestyle. I am happy to report that I have lost 45 pounds so far and feel better than I have ever felt in my life. The carbs that really put weight on us are the pastas and breads and desserts we eat. They are very high in starch and that turns to fat almost immediately. GF breads, pastas and desserts are loaded with starch. I eat a bowel of fresh fruit salad with walnuts for breakfast every morning. I include a cup of tea sweetened with honey. This is the only sugar I get each day with the exception of the fresh and dried fruits I eat. The rest of the day, I eat either fresh or dried fruit with raw almonds, in small quantities. At dinner, I have a big salad with romaine lettuce and fresh vegetables and either salmon or tuna. Every now and then I will have a glass of red wine with my salad. I also drink lots of water. I eat the 5 - 6 small meals that Dr. Fine recommends and I'm healthier and slimmer than I have ever been in my entire life I have eliminated sugar, soft drinks, hard liquor, coffee and chocolate from my diet and I use salt sparingly. When I started this program, I did it to become healthier and build muscle. I did not have a weight loss goal and still do not. I just assumed that I would naturally lose weight with this diet and lifestyle. Eating fruit and nuts together keeps your blood sugar from fluctuating, which is what make us hungry. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to eating this way, but it definitely has worked for me. I would not have lost this amount of weight just working out at the gym. I have been a long distance bicyclist for about 10 years, and I can honestly tell you that I never lost a pound riding a bicycle, even one-hundred miles in one day. It takes the combination of a healthy diet and moderate exercise which includes weight training to accomplish weight loss. The weight training is crucial to speeding up metabolism. Muscle burns fat. Now I eat to fuel my body and only when hungry as opposed to eating because I like the taste of food. I have found that the less I eat, the less food my body requires. It is interesting that the body does not really need a lot of food to function well. My blood pressure is 100 times better, my asthma is much improved, my muscles are stronger, my flexibility and balance are improving and for the first time in my life, I am happy with my body image. My only regret is that I waited until I was almost 59 years old to get healthy. This diet is not for everyone. But for me it has been a G-d send in helping me to take control of my life. Being over weight is being out of control. The added benefit to adopting Dr. Fine's lifestyle is that you no longer have to be in the kitchen a lot of the time creating breads, pastas and desserts that are gluten-free. The food I eat is just naturally gluten-free. Now I have more time to enjoy the things I like to do and I'm having a great time! Thank you so much for your inspiration and instruction. Cheers

•Dear Dr. Fine, I enjoyed meeting you when you came to speak. It's funny how someone you don't know can affect your life (even more importantly, your child's life). Through your work, you changed our lives dramatically. My daughter is a different child today from two years ago. Had you not told us what was wrong, and we had listened to the other doctors, she would still be in bed (or in the bathroom!) Instead, she's off at drama camp, having a wonderful time. (She has gained 15 much needed pounds since last October!) So on those days when you are feeling low, remember that what you do is REALLY important to a lot of folks. There are a lot of people out there who are convinced of your importance. Regards,

•Dear Dr. Fine: Thank you for the very helpful consultation on August 7. I started the gluten-free diet as well as egg, yeast and milk free diet, and quitting rice milk, all cereal, and most corn products and started Lactobacillus. My BM's have gone from liquid to formed and with much reduced frequency. My weight has remained constant . I am finally seeing real improvement. Thanks again for your help. Sincerely,

•Dear Dr Fine, I have been yeast, dairy and gluten and grain free (except for rice) for 2 weeks. It took a week or so before my stool liquidity took a new FORM! My energy level has shown improvement as well. I purchase organic food whenever possible at a local health food store. I am sorry that I did not appreciate the importance of the gluten-free diet for keeping my microscopic colitis in remission when you told me to go gluten-free 2 years ago. I did not fully realize then that I am wheat/gluten sensitive and that it is FOREVER for me! Thank you for caring and reaching out, Dr. Fine. Make this a rainbow day! Sincerely,

•Dear Dr. Fine, It's wonderful to be writing to you while feeling good...actually, I'm feeling pretty great. I was diagnosed with colitis, had 3 horrible bouts of spasms/diarrhea where 2 of them led me to the Emergency Room. My doc couldn't/wouldn't see me on ANY of those occasions and said that the food I ate didn't really make a difference. After meds that didn't work and being TERRIBLY sick, I had a consult with Dr. Fine, then had a gluten-sensitivity test, along with a milk tolerance test. I found out that I was highly sensitive to gluten, mildly sensitive to yeast and couldn't tolerate any products made from cow's milk. So...for the past 2-3 weeks I've been on a gluten-free diet. What a difference it's made! The first few days were a little rough. Extra bouts of diarrhea, but after a few days...the cramping and diarrhea have stopped. I haven't felt this good in MONTHS! I don't know what I would've done without the help of Dr. Fine, and all who have supported me. I have made a pact with myself to exercise everyday and to do some kind of spiritual/stress relief type activity. I'm thinking that it's up to me to make myself better because I sure wasn't getting much help from my medical advisors. Thanks again folks! If you've started on this Gluten-Free Diet...keep at it. It works. It sure has in my case!

•Dear Dr. Fine, I have microscopic colitis and was tested at the beginning of April and found to be gluten sensitive. I also have two genes for the disorder. The moment I received the results of the stool and gene tests I went on a gluten free diet. I feel GREAT! I noticed the difference after only four days on the diet. For the first time in over 9 years I had normal stools. And only once a day. Other changes have taken place are the pain in my joints has lessened and the almost incapacitating fatigue is gone. I was so tired before becoming gluten-free that I spent most of my time lying around on my bed reading mystery novels. I actually got FAT from lack of exercise. Now I am full of energy and I have to make appointments with myself to lie down and read a book. The most surprising thing to me is that the nagging depression is gone. I don't know if the depression was a symptom or a result of the illnesses - probably a bit of both. Anyway, that has vanished. On the whole, the GF diet has made a considerable difference. I will remain gluten-free the rest of my life. There has been no damage to my small intestine yet and I intend to keep it that way. As for the diet itself, I am having a ball with it. I love to cook and I love to eat good food. I have been scouring my old cookbooks and the Internet collecting recipes that are either gluten-free or that I can adapt. I have not had any problems with going GF. The only slight hardship has been going out to dinner at a restaurant, but I am getting quite good at packing along my ricecakes and a little something to go on them. I do not mind if people look at me strangely. I just smile and if they want to ask questions, I am more than happy to answer. So, Dr. Fine and all the dear people I have met since I have been sick, thank you. What was at one point a horrible disaster for me is turning out to be a great adventure.

•Dear Dr. Fine, I have a 5 yr old boy that has shown GREAT success on the gluten-free diet in just 2 weeks!!! It has been a G-d send for our family to be going in the right direction for him at last!!! He started out as a colicky baby but doing great until 18 months old. He went from a talking child to a child that would not talk and had blank stares at 18 months. Also he had body rash on tummy and bottom. I would go to the dr. every couple of months and they would say I was reading into it and put on eczema cream.(which never got rid of it) I finally started speech therapy 1 1/2 years later and he was back to normal speech within 6 mos. However he still had rash, uncontrollable behavior at times and severe carbo and sugar cravings at night even after full dinner (had to lock refrigerator). Now at 5 and about to start kindergarten was really worried!!! I honestly thought he may need ritalin After starting the gluten-free diet, the rash went away after the first week. The bizarre behavior after eating certain foods has stopped. Also questioning milk since my 1 yr old daughter's speech has slowed since starting milk but also had been on alot of carbs as well. So have put whole family on the diet to try and eliminate all questionable problems. Since on the diet my five year old is no longer "STARVING" even after a full dinner and has complete control of self now!!!! No more mood swings from out of nowhere. I am going to do a consult with Dr. Fine and luckily, the celiac society in my town referred me to him. I really feel we are on the right track at last!!! I read that in Italy they automatically do screenings by the time their children are age 6 for celiac because it is so bad there. Why does our society not do that???? Obviously, there is a problem here. I am also seeing an allergist for whole family as we are allergic to dust, mold, etc...interestingly my son did not show allergy on skin test to wheat, eggs or milk. BUT allergist said that does not mean anything as Dr. Fine has mentioned on his website. As mentioned we are just starting our search but I really feel we are on to something at last!!! Thank you Dr. Fine and to all the others who are dealing with this disease everyday!!!

•Dear Dr. Fine, After suffering from monthly seizures, symptoms of lupus (exhaustion, arthritis etc) and terrible intestinal/digestive problems for years, I am so excited to report that after being on the gluten free diet my intestinal problems vanished (never to re-occur again), I haven't had a seizure in 16 months and all of my lupus symptoms have disappeared. This diet is a miracle and I think it is very important that more people tell family, friends and especially traditional doctors about their amazing results. We need to get the word out that there are cures to some health problems that don't involve "procedures" and medications! Thank you Dr. Fine for being so helpful with diagnosis and consultations!

•Dear Dr. Fine, When a family member tested positive for gluten sensitivity, my husband decided to try the gluten free diet. He has suffered for 40 years from psoriasis. In the winter it is extremely uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. After 3 weeks on the diet he noticed an improvement and in 8 weeks it was completely cleared up! When he started the diet, he didn't know what to expect. He didn't even think about the possibility of it helping his psoriasis. Now, he plans to stay on the diet and can't wait to see what will improve next. Thank you Dr. Fine! A Grateful Wife!

•Recently, my 11 yr old son was diagnosed as gluten sensitive. I had never suspected he was gluten sensitive, so I didn't know what changes to expect in him being on a gluten-free diet. He's been on the diet about four weeks, and he informed me last night that he feels "great" after getting off gluten. I asked how he feels different. He said he no longer has a scratchy throat, he doesn't get tired in the afternoons and his nose is clear for the first time. All these things he had taken as normal for him. I always thought he was just unwinding from a day at school when he plopped down in front of the t.v. for an hour every afternoon. Even though these may seem minor changes to some, he's pleased with the results, and I'm happy for him. Thanks for everything, Dr. Fine.

•Dear Dr. Fine, Just wanted to give an update on the gluten free diet. I have microscopic colitis and tested positive to Dr. Fine's Gluten sensitivity test. As of now I have been gluten free since for 2 months. Within weeks of starting the diet I could see a significant change in my symptoms. The diarrhea, fatigue, aches and pain in neck and shoulders, headaches, itching, cramps, pain in lower right side, depression, and mood swings are gone, and I am sure their are some others symptoms I missed naming, but the point is the diet is working. Amazingly if I do get gluten in my diet by mistake I will know it within several hours or by the early morning hours since that seems to always be the time that the diarrhea wants to start. Some symptoms went away quicker than others and at times some do flare up, but don't seem to last long. Mainly headaches. It has been the best medicine so far. I thought I would spread the good news so maybe it would be worth a try to others out their. It seems like a tough diet, but believe me it is easier than you think. Cause if you are like me I am not even tempted to try wheat flour and other gluten containing food for I know what the result will be. It is well worth the try. Good Luck I hope it works for others as well as it did for me. Gluten free/ a miracle in the works

•Dear Dr. Fine, It's been a long road for me that only ended when I heard of Dr. Fine and his tests. About 10 years ago (in my mid 20's) I started having chronic diarrhea. I was told I had IBS. Within 5 years I became disabled with diarrhea 7-8 times a day & night, chronic headaches, burning muscle pain, severe fatigue, dizziness, anxiety attacks and depression. For the next 6 years (I was 30 by then) my doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was diagnosed through the years by different doctors with IBS, Clinical Depression and other psychiatric disorders, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I couldn't tolerate any of the multiple drugs the doctors had me on - I got so sick of taking them I turned to an alternative med chiropractor that put me on a food elimination diet. That's how I found out I reacted to all the grains - wheat, oats, barley, and rye, in addition to several other foods. But that doctor didn't know about gluten sensitivity either. So all my symptoms were attributed to "multiple food allergies". By then my regular MD's wanted nothing to do with me, especially when I told them I had food allergies. Not once did any of them suggest that there was a gastrointestinal disorder called Celiac Disease, even when I told them about my "grain allergies". Two years past before a new internal med doctor I saw suggested my food allergies to grain may be Celiac Disease. But the gastroenterologist he sent me to wouldn't do a biopsy without me going back to eating gluten for several weeks (I had avoided the grains I was reacting to for 2 years at this point) because he said the results would not be accurate. The GI doc also said that my multiple other symptoms and extreme fatigue was more than Celiac Disease could account for - he suggested I probably had IBS to explain the diarrhea part. Since I refused to eat gluten because it made me so sick, I didn't know what else to do. That's when my research on the internet for Celiac Disease brought up Dr. Fine's site. To make a long story short - I ordered his comprehensive test, tried to eat something with gluten in it every day for a week as much as I could stand (without making me too ill) before I took the test so that it could hopefully pick something up. And both the gene test and the antibody test came back positive! My MD concluded after seeing the test results of Dr. Fine's tests, my reaction to gluten when I eat it, and my alleviation of symptoms when I avoid it, combined with my history of symptoms, that I did indeed have Celiac Disease - my MD called it Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy or GSE since he said the official term of Celiac Disease is only given with a biopsy diagnosis. However, he assured me no matter what you want to call it - they are the same disease that requires avoiding gluten for life. Today, I am 36 years old - my diarrhea is gone, and my energy levels have increased dramatically. My headaches, fibromyaliga, and other chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are gone. I am in the process of looking for a part-time job after having been off work for over 6 years due to my multiple symptoms. The only symptoms I combat now are heartburn with occasional nausea - a dramatic improvement that's well worth the gluten-free diet. Thank you Dr. Fine!

•My family and I feel that Dr. Fine has helped us through a crisis and given us all a new and brighter future. Here is our story. My granddaughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis in late 2000. It is considered an auto-immune disease. This disease has no known cause and no cure. The treatment is a combination of Prednisone (steroids) and Methotrexate (chemotherapy) which can have severe side effects. The disease causes inflammation and degeneration of skeletal muscle tissue. The treatment usually has to continue for one to three years before medication can be reduced to a low maintenance level. Remission is the most you can hope for. We were devastated to say the least. She fell and broke a bone and the xrays revealed "Osteopenia" or thin bones. This condition is uncommon for such a young child. Her Mother came across a message on a bulletin board about Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity causing Osteopenia and other health problems such as inflammatory diseases! That was all I needed to make a connection and I discovered the EnteroLab website. We had her and her sisters tested and they were all gluten sensitive. In fact, one of her sisters had a double gene which means that both parents have at least one gene. She has been on a "gluten free diet" for only a few weeks and her symptoms have subsided so much that her doctor is not going to increase the "chemotherapy" as planned and is going to decrease the "steroids". This is phenomenal! In fact, from the information that I have been able to obtain from other patients, it is literally unheard of at this stage of the disease. The entire family wants to thank Dr. Fine for helping us. We feel that without the availability of the EnteroLab test and the subsequent "gluten free diet" that her prognosis would be grim. Our entire family is on this "gluten free diet" and we have all experienced some improvement in our overall health and sense of well being. Thank you Dr. Fine!

•Dear Dr. Fine, I'm a 34-year old woman recently diagnosed with a digestive disorder that caused me to be mostly bedridden for 4 years. Today, I'm preparing to go back to work. Ten years ago, I enjoyed physically demanding sports like mountain biking, had just earned an MBA from a top-ten business school, and was working for a high technology company. By the time I turned 30, my body had become so weak that brushing my hair drained me, my handwriting was illegible, and I began having trouble with reading comprehension and memory. It took eight years to get the diagnosis of gluten intolerance, which I got from Dr. Fine's lab, Enterolab. Only a few months later, I was rapidly recovering by adhering to the only treatment for this condition, a life-long gluten-free diet. Before I went on the gluten-free diet, my list of symptoms was long and varied, but I could summarize it as a constant feeling that I had the flu or was about to come down with the flu. I slept 14 hours a night and was still exhausted in the day. My cognitive dysfunction and memory problems made me feel as if I'd suddenly lost 20 IQ points. I also suffered from nausea, fevers, arthritis, and a permanent migraine-like headache. I was constantly on antibiotics for sinus and bladder infections. I also had excessive flatulence and gastrointestinal pain, which didn't make my top 10 list of complaints, but would later turn out to be the key to my cure. Hindering my diagnosis, the only abnormal lab tests I had were anemia and a low white blood cell count. The last year I was able to work full-time was 1996. Saying I worked "full-time" is stretching the truth a little given that my ever-worsening health had reduced me to a maximum of 2 to 3 days a week. Finally I got so ill that I never felt well again. I searched frantically for what was wrong with me so I could be cured and continue on my career track. After consulting more than 10 doctors, one of them offered a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although this diagnosis didn't explain all the medical problems I had, it classified me as "disabled" and allowed me to take a much-needed medical leave until I was well enough to work again. So began my struggle to get my life back and my quest to find out what was really wrong with me. After my first year of disability, I was diagnosed with lupus. I wouldn't know until a few years later that this was only part of the story. I was elated to have a diagnosis that finally seemed to explain everything I was going through, and I was delighted to ditch the oft-criticized Chronic Fatigue Syndrome label. For the next few years I treated the lupus through medication and alternative therapies. It helped a little but I was still only a fraction of my formerly active self. Finally, a few years after that, I stumbled upon my real medical problem, gluten intolerance. I discovered how to control what I thought was my most minor, but socially embarrassing health problem, excessive gas. If I didn't eat wheat -- no bread, pasta, cakes, or cookies -- I didn't have gas or stomach cramps. I went to my gastroenterologist to share this new information. Indigestion after eating wheat is a textbook symptom of gluten intolerance & celiac disease, but even the gastroenterologist told me it was just Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that no diet change was necessary. Since I was much happier without the gas and stomach pains, I stuck with the wheat-free diet, purely for the sake of being gas-free. To my amazement, my other health problems began to disappear after two months without wheat. First, I noticed I was feeling less nauseated than before and hadn't run a fever for a while. Then, my arthritis cleared up. Soon my headaches were a thing of the past. I was sleeping 11 hours a night instead of 14. I realized I hadn't had to take antibiotics for a few months which was a breakthrough after 10 years of starting a course of antibiotics every 4 to 6 weeks for constant sinus and bladder infections. My cognitive abilities started slowly returning. I had many other minor problems, like horrible menstrual cramps and manual dexterity problems. These literally vanished as well. I knew I had finally found my cure in the wheat-free diet, but I still didn't know that I had gluten intolerance. Through research on the internet, I learned that I might have celiac disease and went on a strict gluten-free diet. I went back to my gastroenterologist, reported on my progress, and asked to be tested for it. He agreed, but insisted (incorrectly) that I didn't have to be eating wheat for the celiac blood tests to be accurate. Sure enough, since I'd been on a gluten-free diet for 4 months, the blood tests came back negative. Finally, through more research, I found EnteroLab and sent in my stool sample for testing. Their lab showed that despite being gluten-free, I did indeed have many gluten anti-bodies and that I had a gene that causes celiac disease. Finally, eight years after my symptoms began, I had the answer to all my health problems. Most importantly, I'm off all medications and am well for the first time in eight years. Today, I'm getting ready to return to work and am leading an increasingly active lifestyle. My doctors say that my lupus never would have been active if, earlier in my life, I'd been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, and followed the gluten-free diet. Since my diagnosis, five of my family members have tested positive for the disease. My cousin went on the gluten-free diet and her monthly epileptic seizures suddenly stopped. She is off anti-seizure medication and hasn't had a seizure for over a year now. The diet also cured her lupus and arthritis. Our success is motivating many others to investigate the gluten connection for themselves. Maybe my story will help you, too.

•Dear Dr. Fine, I cannot possibly overstate the impact of the assistance that EnteroLab and Dr. Fine have given me. I know without a doubt that I would still be undiagnosed, suffering and damaging my entire system had it not been for the tests I ordered and the information I received from EnteroLab. I experienced a sudden onset of violent intestinal symptoms in March of 2000, while recovering from a staph infection and taking both antibiotics and ibuprofen. By July, I was completely disabled. I underwent -- and "failed" -- every test my doctor could dream up, including a colonoscopy with biopsy. I was sent home with a diagnosis of IBS and instructions not to eat tomatoes. Several weeks later, after looking at my biopsy, my internist changed his diagnosis and informed me that I had microscopic colitis (MC). Not knowing the first thing about MC, I jumped online and immediately found, where I learned not only about MC, but also of its genetic link to gluten intolerance. I immediately went gluten-free, and ordered EnteroLab's gene and stool panel for gluten sensitivity. While awaiting those results (it was September by now), I consulted with a gastroenterologist, who ran additional tests, including the standard blood test for celiac sprue. Everything again came back negative, and I was sent home to "just live life." Interesting concept, considering I hadn't been able to eat anything for months without experiencing painful spasms, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. EnteroLab's test results soon arrived in my e-mail inbox; I couldn't believe what I read. I saw that I both had the gene that predisposes me to MC and gluten-sensitivity, and that my system was actively producing antibodies to gluten. In other words, positive results. Confirmation of my adamantly held position that what I had been experiencing for six months was not "just IBS." Nearly a year after this odyssey began, I can finally say that I am well -- thanks ONLY to Finer Health's commitment to education and to EnteroLab's state-of-the-art tests. Going gluten-free, in combination with Dr. Fine's recommended treatment protocol for MC, has made all the difference in my ability to "just live life."

•Dear Dr. Fine, I was diagnosed with celiac sprue June 2000 by intestinal biopsy. I began to see similar symptoms I had in my 15 yr old daughter. The pediatrician finally, after much persistance on my part, ordered the blood test. It came back negative. I was not convinced. He thought I was crazy. He told me "it's normal for teenagers to be light-headed and faint occasionally." During the same month I attended my first support group meeting where everyone praised Dr. Fine's work and Enterolab. I had never heard of Dr. Fine so I started asking questions. After the meeting, I went home and got on the computer. I wanted to see what all the talk was about. I was amazed. I learned practically everything I know about gluten sensitivity from Finerhealth and Enterolab, not from my gastroenterologist. I realized at that point that the blood test could have been premature for my daughter's situation, so I ordered the stool test which revealed she definitely has a gluten sensitivity but thankfully no intestinal damage. My daughter has improved tremendously since starting the GF diet in November. She's very aware of the positive changes both mentally and physically. She is constantly reading and learning more about her condition. Neither of my two sons had shown any real symptoms, but I realized I needed to have them tested for the gene. One of my sons has double gene for gluten sensitivity which makes the other son have it and my husband! I've since had both boys tested for sensitivity. The one with the double gene does not at this time, but we are aware that it could develop later in life. The results are not back on my youngest son. I never would have known all this about my family's genetic make-up without Enterolab and Dr. Fine. I continue to educate my sisters and parents about gluten sensitivity. By the way, I have 5 sisters and they all have the gene because the youngest has double genes! I can see evidence of gluten sensitivity in several family members. Thank you Dr. Fine and Enterolab for all your efforts to improve the quality of life for all of us.

•Hi Dr. Fine, It's been about two weeks since our last communication and I wanted to give you an update and keep in touch. I want to tell you that I can't remember feeling better in the last 6-7 years than I do right now after following your advice. All I've done is stop taking the baby aspirin I had been taking for that same number of years, and stop taking the Asacol. As you can tell, I'm DELIGHTED with this response. As ever in our approximately two year email relationship I'm so happy a rather medically cautious old lady was brave enough to use this modern device (computer), which she is still learning to master) to reach out for help. I don't know if this was out of pure misery or general optimism or instict. To make a long story short, I am grateful and look forward to finding out where we go from here.

•Dear Dr. Fine, I have been on the gluten-free diet since mid March and have had all my symptoms of fibromalygia and muscle wasting (MS?) disappear. Last February I was on 10MG/100 of Hydrocod/Apap 4 times a day and 1000Mg of Naprosin daily. As of September, I no longer have the need for these medications, my pain is totally gone. The gluten free diet is a godsend. My daughter 22 yrs. diagnosed with the blood test in June as a Celiac, is a life long severe asthmatic. Her symptoms have improved and her overall health is much better, plus her memory has greatly improved much to her surprise. Thank you Dr. Fine. I wanted you to know how much you are helping people!

•Hi, Dr. Fine! I thought you would be interested in a followup report. You will recall that Enterolab found me to be gluten and yeast intolerant and to have 2 genes that predispose to gluten intolerance. The colitis is officially GONE as of today, if I may be cautiously optimistic. Hooray!!!!! Here is the sequence of events: 1. 10 weeks of GF diet and Culturelle, 1 cap b.i.d. (continuous to present) 2. 3 weeks of the *non-immunogenic" diet you recommended during the phone consultation (continuing also) After 9 weeks of the dietary changes, the bloating and discomfort had long disappeared; however, the colitis was still in full force: 4-7 watery, urgent BMs per day. A few comments on the diet you recommended.......WOW! It is difficult to adjust to, initially. I think that most Americans would find it almost impossible to follow. I find that I am really starting to prefer it now. I have redicovered nuts and am loving walnuts, especially with raisins and figs. (By the way, I went to 3 grocery stores before I could find figs in my area!). I have been experimenting with adding some "extra" items to my diet occasionally to see what happens. Lo and behold, I discovered that tomatoes give me pain/stiffness in my finger joints upon awakening the following A.M.! What a surprise! It also seems that dairy gives me neck pain upon awakening. Could this be possible (i.e. different foods causing specific joint manifestations)? One thing this diet has done is to make me acutely aware of how different foods affect my body. My favorite meal now is a giant salad with romaine, carrots, celery, chopped up dried fruits (apricots/peaches/cherries/raisins), walnuts, sunflower seeds, olive oil and cider vinegar. YUM! Thanks again for all your help and support. The support goes an incredibly long way when one has had months of Diarrhea and wonders if life will ever be normal again. You have helped me immensely...................... With respect and admiration

•Hi I have a comment about Dr. Fine's lab. My daughter has had a combination of symptoms for may years. They included hair loss, severe abdominal pain, coughing up blood. She had seen several Dr.s over the years who mainly brushed her off. Most recently she was given upper GI x-rays, to search for an ulcer. The x-ray was negative. She asked to be tested for celiac as I have DH, but they brushed her off, not wanting to test her saying it was very rare. She tried to get back in to see the Dr. again, but they said that Dr. had been transferred. So, at that point I had her tested by EnteroLab. It came back positive for gluten sensitivity and she started on a gluten free diet. Her hair has now stopped falling out, her stomach pain has been greatly reduced and she has not been spitting up blood. Her severe abdominal pain is gone. So, all I can say is I'm grateful that Dr. Fine has his lab and we were able to finally solve her problem. The Dr.s and hospital she went to charged her plenty of money but offered no real help. So, I think Dr. Fine is really providing a great service.

•Dear Dr. Kenneth Fine: I just wanted to thank you for solving all of my problems! In the past I had a problem of recurring stomach aches and gastrointestinal problems, so my father suggested that I get tested for gluten sensitivity through one of your tests. Of course, I was positive, but now I feel 110% better. It was difficult at first to change my diet to comply with my new-found sensitivity, especially because I am the ultimate bread-lover, but it is getting easier by the day. I feel so much healthier thanks to you! What you do may seem small to some, but my life has changed for the better because of it. Thank you again.

•Dear Dr. Fine, I've been thinking about you alot lately as I have been going through major diet revisions for the last two months. No gluten products for two plus months, no dairy, no meat.....gosh, I guess I'm a vegan now. My psoriasis is about 70% improved and I'm very happy about that! Thanks for all your help in all this!

•Dear Dr. Fine, I have had this disease (microscopic colitis) since I was 17. It was not diagnosed until I was 35. I tried many things: asacol, probiotics, lotrenex and other herbal remedies. My GI said I was not having a problem with gluten. Dr. Fine's test proved otherwise. I was sick all day and night and meds were not working. It kept getting worse and worse. I finally experimented with diet, in particular Dr. Fine's. It has taken me three years to see an improvement. I cannot eat the following foods: gluten, eggs, dairy, beef, pork, rice, potatoes, preservatives and caffeine. I can eat the following: chicken, turkey, fish (not shellfish), lettuce, carrots, celery, peppers, spinach, apples, blueberries, peaches, rasberries, plums. I make homemade tea (water, cardomom pod, clove and cinnamon). I feel better than I did when I was seventeen. My mornings are still difficult, however sometimes I am not sick at all. The rest of the day is great. I highly recommend Dr. Fine's test and dietary modifications. It is wonderful to feel "normal".

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