Specialized Laboratory Testing for Optimal Intestinal and Overall Health
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Lab Address for Specimens:
13657 Jupiter Rd.
Suite 106
Dallas, TX 75238

Office Address for Mail:
PO Box 472212
Garland, TX 75047-2212

PH: 972-686-6869
What happens after tests are ordered
What happens after tests are ordered
After tests are ordered online, you will receive a confirmation of your order by email if you have provided an email address during registration. Stool and/or mouth swab collection materials will be sent to you by First Class Mail. Instructions on how to collect your specimen(s) and on how to package and return your specimen(s) by UPS Next Day Air Saver (or 2nd Day Service for swabs only) will be enclosed. Once your specimen(s) are received by EnteroLab, they will be processed immediately for analysis. Results usually will be available to you by the weeks end, but please allow up to 10 days for an emailed notice to be sent to you stating that your test results have been posted and are available to be viewed on our website. You must have provided an email address during registration in order to receive this notice. If 2 weeks have passed and you have not received an email from EnteroLab, please call us at 972-686-6869. Hard copies of results are not physically mailed unless we have your request and authorization to do so.

Each test panel for an additional person has to be ordered separately and consequently has to assume its own shipping charge. The reason for this is that the kits have to be packaged very specially for return overnight shipping because they are laboratory specimens. This special packaging will only accept one specimen container. Shipping in separate containers also helps avoid specimen mix-ups in the laboratory. (Even if specimens could be shipped together, it really would not amount to much of a cost savings because these type of shipping costs are calculated by weight and size of the package, and a twice-larger package, double the weight would be roughly double the cost anyway.)

If you are ordering for multiple family members, please select "Log Off" from the left menu then select "Please click here to order for the first time" to place the next order.

If you would like to submit the cost of tests to your insurance company for reimbursement, the order confirmation emailed to you after you have submitted your order contains the proper codes to do so. You may also click on "View Order Status" from our home page, enter the user ID and password that you assigned to your account during the ordering process, and print a Coded Invoice that can be provided to your insurance company. We cannot guarantee reimbursement of our tests by your insurance company, as EnteroLab is neither contracted with any insurance carriers nor are we enrolled as medical provider with Medicare or Medicaid.

Because of charges to us by our credit card merchant account to refund credit cards and for our costs incurred on the test materials and for their shipping, requested refunds unfortunately must sacrifice $50 of the originally charged amount. Cancelled orders are only refunded up to 120 days from the date order is placed. We apologize for this fact.

You can call us directly at 972-686-6869 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM CT Monday-Friday if you have questions related to your order.

We at EnteroLab are honored to be given the opportunity to help you attain optimal intestinal and overall health. Thank you!